Carlos Centeno | Graphic Designer and Front-end Web Developer

‘Bridges’ Publication Summer 2011

Image of the Bridges's cover
Image of a spread from Bridges
Pages 2–3
Image of a spread from Bridges
Pages 8–9
Displaying the pullout cards for both men and women
Health Screening Pullout Cards. These are saddle-stitched in the publication.
Image of Bridges's back cover
Back Cover

Bridges is a quarterly publication by Chester River Health System in Maryland. Oftentimes, communication from healthcare providers are too technical and impersonal. Bridges is the exception. Before I acquired the project, the publication used a stale color palette and minimal exploration with its typography. The composition of copy and photography also suffered. With my direction, I helped evolve the publication into using bolder and brighter colors, adding a touch of warmth and aesthetic interest to the presentation. I have also taken advantage of the variety of fonts that exist within Chester River’s signature typefaces: Garamond and Futura. Large photographs are used throughout the pages to make the visual presentation more emotionally compelling.