Carlos Centeno | Graphic Designer and Front-end Web Developer

Coffee Packaging for Diamond Station

Holding final product
They didn’t stick with the proposed typography on the labels but the final product still looks great.
Product Display
Product display at Musser’s Market
Displaying all four sides of the packaging and labels
Packaging and Labels Mockup
Image of the old coffee packaging
Old look

Over twenty concepts were presented for this project until they went back to the first one I proposed. The concept is simple: Coffee comes from a coffee plant. Instead of branding Diamond Station with a grand tale about its exotic origin as most coffee brands do, I focused on the arabica plant itself, making an emotional connection between nature and the great taste of coffee. I hired Mike Fink to develop a beautiful rendering of the plant in order to not only bring attention to the packaging but also create a sense of intrigue for consumers who may not be familiar with coffee plants. The packaging has a minimalist and clean design so that it stands out on shelves. Rich, warm label colors convey the goodness packaged inside. In addition, I updated the Diamond Station logo to make it contemporary.