Carlos Centeno | Graphic Designer and Front-end Web Developer

Internship Brochure

Displaying cover and gate-fold
Cover and Gate-fold
Displaying opened brochure
Inside Spread

Camphill Special School asked us to design a brochure for the purpose of recruiting more interns and volunteers, specifically more young men. Targeting the male audience for the k-12 education field is difficult. But targeting them for a school that teaches only students with developmental and intellectual disabilities is a challenge of herculean proportions. With this piece, I decided to use “challenge” as the theme for the message, which resonates well with all young adult audiences. The message had to be inclusive of both males and females.

The brochure communicates Camphill’s internship/volunteer program as a challenge that is not for the faint of heart. We dared the audience to evaluate themselves to see if they had what it takes to embark on Camphill’s mission. A major incentive Camphill provides for interns and volunteers is the opportunity to attend, tuition-free, their School of Curative Education & Social Therapy. This created a need for a final piece that also conveyed Camphill’s higher education program to be as valuable and legitimate as any college or university.