Carlos Centeno | Graphic Designer and Front-end Web Developer

Website for Harrisburg-based Advertising Agency

Page showcasing PPO&S’s work

When I was hired as digital art director for PPO&S — an advertising agency in Harrisburg, PA — I was tasked with redesigning the company website. Their previous site was developed a few years ago before smartphones took off and as a result usability suffered on mobile and touch-sensitive devices. Additionally, updating content was difficult and costly because the site was not built on a content management system and changes had to be made by the vendor.

“Our Team” page

Because PPO&S is a small business and most of the staff had been with the company for much longer than me, I needed to make sure I did not rub folks the wrong way with my newcomer zeal for massive change. To build consensus, I conducted interviews with each team member to understand his/her role and perceptions about the project. This collaborative process not only preempted potential friction, it generated excitement within the company as well as insight that helped guide content development and design.

The homepage shows a different greeting depending on the time of day.

PPO&S’s new website has a unique visual interface that does not mirror the typical design of its competitors’ websites. It adheres to modern web standards and usability principles; it’s easy to use on all devices; and it’s built on a WordPress platform that makes it accessible for anyone in the agency to update on the fly.

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