Screenshots of website

PPO&S’s previous website was developed before smartphones took off and as a result had a weak user experience on mobile and touch-sensitive devices. Updating content was also difficult and costly because no content management system supported the backend.

To kickoff the project, I conducted interviews with team members to understand their roles and expectations for the new website This collaborative process generated excitement within the agency as well as insight that helped guide content development and design.

Screenshot of Work page
Screenshot of teams page.

PPO&S’s new website has a unique visual interface that does not mirror the typical design of its competitors’ websites. It adheres to modern web standards and usability principles; it’s easy to use on all devices; and it’s built on a WordPress platform that makes it accessible for anyone in the agency to update content efficiently and on-demand.

Screenshots of a project page and the mobile navigation, both shown at tablet size.
Screenshots of blog pages in smartphone sizes.