Logo for Smiles by Shannon Dental

When Dr. Jen Shannon founded her new dental practice, Smiles by Shannon Dental, she knew her brand needed to look the part. After years of working with patients who have dentophobia, she sought to build an experience that eases patients’ anxieties during their visits. It was crucial to distance the brand from the cold and clinical settings that’s typically associated with dental practices.

Every decision for Dr. Shannon’s office space, from the colors of the walls to the heated dental chairs, were intentionally made to create an atmosphere that was warm, comfortable and serene. She wanted her patients to feel like her practice was a home, and that became the emotional core that lead to the brand essence and promise, “We’ll make you feel at home.”

Flexible color palette for a wide range of emotional expressions

Dr. Shannon has a fondness for Charleston, South Carolina, and the hospitality she experienced there as a college student. This inspired using the pineapple—a symbol that represents welcome and hospitality in the South—as the focal point of the logo.

The bright yet soft color palette of the brand identity is friendly, fun but not too loud, calming but not boring. Its versatility allows room to create different expressions and moods depending on the needs of the messaging.

Custom photography

For the photography, we did something bold: show dental professionals in a laid-back home environment, drinking a beverage they would generally say is not good for your teeth—sweet tea. This conveyed the message that Dr. Shannon’s team are down-to-earth, caring, non-judgmental, and approachable human beings.

Working with photographer Gini Woy, we captured beautiful and compelling shots that were used in direct mail, social media, digital advertising, and their website.

Direct mail
Social media