Mockups of full packaging .

The package design is based on a simple idea: Coffee comes from a plant. Instead of branding Diamond Station with a grand tale about its exotic origin as most brands do, the strategy was to disrupt this ubiquity and use a shrub unknown to most consumers as the focal point to capture their attention.

It was important to have a striking image, something that could not be missed when walking down the coffee aisle. I worked with illustrator Mike Fink to develop a beautiful and detailed rendering of the coffee plant to fill the face of the packaging.

Mockup of labels various different coffee blends and flavors..

A minimalist design using an all-white bag gives the illustration an undistracted display that stands out on the shelves. Warm, colorful labels for the brand’s 20+ flavors convey the aroma and rich experience waiting to be unpacked.

And the new Diamond Station logo welcomes the brand into the 21st century with a contemporary look that can compete with today’s most popular brands.