Logo marks

Sonrise Academy is a Christian early childhood education private school serving Lebanon, Pennsylvania. I worked with the founders of the school to develop an identity that reflected their mission and supported their marketing efforts to grow the organization.

The logomark is a multifaceted symbol representing various aspects of the school. The sunrise is a nod to the school’s playful name and represents new knowledge. The hillsides represent the Lebanon valley—their home and the community they serve. The book represents education and their faith-based values.

The shield is a graphic element often employed by educational institutions to convey tradition, history, and prestige. It made strategic sense to use this symbolic element to help the audience see the young school as an established organization that takes itself seriously.

The tagline, “Each student matters”, tells its audience that Sonrise does not exist solely to educate young minds; it exists to emotionally invest in their wellbeing and bring out their individual uniqueness.

Business card