Logo has a heart with mortar and pestle in the negative space

The Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association (PPA) approached PPO&S to redesign the visual identity of its organization and its affiliate, PharmPAC. For more than 140 years, PPA has advocated for the pharmacists profession and worked towards enhancing healthcare in PA communities. It was important for the new identity to nod to the history of the organization while also looking forward to the future as they sought to attract younger pharmacists to join the association.

PPA’s only request during the design process was to keep the mortar and pestle in their old logo. Although the advent of mass manufacturing replaced the mortar and pestle as a compounding tool in the mid-20th century, it that has long served as a symbol for pharmacology. And it gave us a focal point to represent PPA’s history in the new identity.

Part of the association’s objective is to advance patient care. They maintain that best outcomes can only occur when there’s synergy between healthcare providers, insurers, and pharmacies. To convey this in the logo, I used the iconic heart shape. The heart introduces a compassion component to the mark, resulting in a logo that fully embodies both the history and community-centered mission of PPA.

Stationery for PPA

The soft, illustration style of the mortar and pestle was brought into PPA’s political arm, PharmPAC, to visually tie the two entities together.

Logo for PharmPac
Logo lockup for PPA affiliate associations

PPA also needed an identity for Pennsylvania Pharmacists Care Network (PPCN), their network of patient-centered pharmacists committed to helping improve health outcomes by providing comprehensive medication management services to patients. The PPCN logomark is illustrated to look like a contour drawing—a continuous line that forms the keystone and heart, conveying both interconnection and care.